I'm on the menu in my first attempt at snuff fiction (part 1) (2023)

The suburban park is fairly empty this morning and the lake infront of me is calm, save for a few ducks. I double check and triple check the messages on my phone, making sure I've memorised all the instructions given to me by my master. It's a lot to remember, and the nerves don't help, but once I'm confident I have it all locked in my mind I call a taxi. It's the last thing I'll ever use my phone for because as soon as I finish the call and tell the man my location I throw my phone into the lake. I also pull out enough cash to pay for the cab before throwing my purse into the dark water as well. As I watch it all sink and disappear, butterflies start to flutter in my stomach. There's no going back now I guess.

The taxi finally arrives and I feel a little self conscious about my outfit. I don't usually wear revealing clothes but Master gave me specific instructions about what to wear. As a result, I'm in extremely tiny denim shorts and a tight, white tank top. I'm sure the cab driver snuck a glimpse of my ass cheeks which my shorts fail miserably to cover. I get in the back seat and, blushing, tell the driver the address that Master gave me. He's a little shocked as the location is well outside the city and in the woods, but he doesn't question it. He just drives me to my final destination.

The trip is long. And with every second that passes, I get more and more anxious and excited. I can barely believe this is real. All the things I've fantasized about. All the things I've craved. I clench my jaw, trying to suppress my arousal. And my fear. Doubt crosses my mind once more. What if I didn't think this through properly? I've agreed to give my life to a stranger I've only spoken to online. A man more than twice my age. What if it's not how I imagined? The wetness soaking my panties, however, betrays my true feelings about the situation. I'm aroused out of my mind. My thoughts are cut abruptly short when the cab stops at the side of the forested road. A narrow, winding driveway leads into the dense woods. This is it.

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"I can walk the rest of the way", I tell the driver, hoping he doesn't hear my voice crack. I pay him and tip all my remaining money, leaving me with absolutely nothing but the clothes I'm wearing. As he drives off I take a moment to compose myself before walking down the driveway. My heart is pounding and I want to look like a presentable specimen. After a few deep breaths I walk onwards, step after step towards the point of no return. The trees eventually open up to reveal a lavish and expensive looking house. It could almost be considered a mansion, modern and sleak. I'm completely out of my depth. The cold wind on my exposed, pale skin makes me shiver.

With a million thoughts racing through my mind, I knock on the door. As I wait for Master to answer, I gulp. Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? I'm only nineteen! I consider running but I feel paralyzed. The door opens and I almost gasp. My master looks me up and down. I feel like a poor little deer caught in headlights. The man is dressed in a jet black shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He's in his mid fourties and fit. His stare seems to burn holes through me. After a silence I suddenly remember what I was supposed to do. "This meat is now your property, Master. I'm yours." I say timidly. I can hear my own heart beating in my chest. Master's expression doesn't change. He simply says "In." and gestures for me to enter. I do as he commands.

He shuts the door behind me and, placing his hand on the small of my back, guides me down the hall until we come to a large sideroom. The room is mostly empty. It has a white tiled floor which is immaculately clean just like everything else in the house. A metal table has neatly organised measuring equipment like tapes, rulers, rope and other tools. The back wall has black height marks, like what you would see in a prison lineup. Facing that wall is a mounted camera and several flood lights. Master speaks to me in a vaguely European accent: "Stand in front of the camera." "Yes sir", I say as I stand up against the wall. The markings indicate that I'm just under 5'4". My master turns on the flood lights and I have to avert my gaze as my eyes adjust to the intense white light. My pale skin glistens. I can barely make out a tiny red light that indicates the camera is recording. I suddenly feel even more self conscious than before. My master approaches. "Before we begin, I need to make a few things clear. You are not a person. You are a sow. A pig. A cut of meat with no identity and no free will. You are disposable. You are expendable. You're only purpose is to satiate the appetite of me and my guests. From now onward you will not speak. You will not think outside following my command. I will now inspect tonight's meal. Undress."

With shaky hands I start pulling off my tank top. The way he spoke to me just then was cold and emotionless. He really doesn't view me as a human being. I Find it, in a depraved kind of way, deeply arousing. I've always been a dumb slut, it makes sense that I'm no more valuable to the world than a sow to be eaten. I kick off my high heels and clumsily try to pull down my shorts. Their so tight, however, that I almost stumble and fall in the process. My face flushes red as I gather my balance. God, I'm so useless.

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I'm down to just my pink bra and panties now, Master stops me from continuing with a hand gesture. He lifts my arms into a T pose and I hold them there obediently. He circles me slowly, observing every detail of my body. He looks at me not like a man looks at a girl but how a butcher looks at a prime cut. I feel so exposed. It seems as though, somehow, the entire world is observing me through that camera. I feel a sharp point on my thigh and I gasp instinctively. I feel my panties fall away and realise that Master has cut them off with an extremely sharp knife, without even breaking my skin. He moves the knife up and points it between my breasts. How easy would it be for him to just push it forward into my rapidly beating heart? I'd be dead in seconds. He lingers with the knife pointed at my chest, as if enjoying my trepidation. But he flicks it down effortlessly and cuts away my bra between the cups. It doesn't even leave a scratch on my soft skin. The bra falls lightly to the ground with the rest of my clothes. I shudder and exhale, now completely naked.

It's thrilling having every inch of my body exposed. I become hyperaware of every small sensation, every part of me that is now visible and accessible to Master. He lightly slaps the inside of my thigh and says "spread." I do so, making my clean shaved pussy all the more unprotected. I'm now standing spread eagle and the coldness of the room is making goosebumps rise on my skin. My nipples stiffen and become erect. Master starts measuring and recording every little detail of the pig. Every small touch, tug and prod enhances my arousal. I feel moisture trickle down my inner thigh. Knowing Master likely sees my leaking cunt only makes the arousal more intense. He now moves to my breasts. They are large for my size, I'm a 32D. I become aware of how much they are rising and falling with each sensual breath I take.

He wraps the measuring tape around the ribcage, underneath my breasts, before moving it up and measuring my bust. I try not to bite my lip at the cold touch of his hands and the metal of the tape. It's all such a violation. Like all my bodily secrets are being divulged. But I'm no longer a person who holds dear my privacy and my identity. I'm an object. Nothing is private for the pig because all of it belongs to Master. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back roughly so that I'm looking up. "Mouth open," says master. I open my mouth and feel the sensitive touch of the measuring tape on my clit. I moan without meaning to as I feel Master run the tape up my torso, between my breasts and all the way up to my chin. After he records that measurement he returns his measuring equipment to the metal table and turns off the floodlights and the camera. "The inspection of the livestock is concluded. The sow will now be tied and taken to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized."

Master takes some rope from the table and unravels it. First, he folds my arms and expertly ties the rope around them to keep my elbows pointing out. He then pushes me to the ground so that my folded arms become stubby little front legs. He completes the same procedure with my legs until the only way I can walk is on my elbows and knees like the animal I am. It's an extremely awkward and unflattering position where my ass is pointing in the air and my tits are almost dragging on the cold floor. The bindings are tight enough that I wouldn't be able to escape if I tried. All I can do is flail awkwardly, trying to gain enough balance that I can walk on all fours. I probably look like a new born calf taking it's first steps.

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I can hear master grab another tool from the table. He comes around and kneels down in front of my face. I don't recognise the tool, it's like a strange looking pair of pliers. Master just says, "don't flinch" before bringing the tool to my face. He grabs my hair to hold my head steady and pushes the tool into my nose. I realise it's purpose now. It's to punch a hole in my septum. I can barely brace for the pain when I feel the intense pressure in my nose as he squeezes the punch. There's a slight crunching noise and sharp pain flares as the punch pierces a hole through my septum. I moan in pain and tears well from my eyes as Master holds a rag to my face until the bleeding stops. The pain becomes a throb and I try to hopelessly squirm and wriggle. Master takes a large metal nose ring with a long chain attached and slots it through my newly acquired hole. He uses the chain and leads me out the door, I have no choice but to awkwardly follow on all fours. When I fall, he doesn't wait. He just pulls on the chain, painfully forcing his little meat girl onwards.

I feel intensely humiliated as I'm led to a second room. In parading me around on all fours, Master is stripping his livestock of any humanity it may still feel. Fuck, I'm so embarrassingly turned on. I'm just a pathetic, horny meat slut who delivered herself to her own slaughter. My owner chains me to a metal grate in the tiled floor. He gets a pair of electric clippers and immediately starts shaving my head. I see my own hair fall to the floor and with it, more of my dwindling humanity. As Master works, he talks to his dinner. "A lot of people forget that you have to remove the hair before roasting your sow. The hair burns and smokes and it will taint this flesh," he says, slapping my rump. "Besides, what does a piece of soft, tender meat like you need pretty hair for?" Master puts the clippers away and finishes his work with a sharp razer, leaving me with a smooth head, he makes sure to remove my eyebrows as well. What a sight I must be. It's difficult to imagine that only a few hours ago I was a relatively normal looking girl in a park. Now any semblance of humanity has gone and been replaced with a horny, pathetic little piece of pork, who's only purpose is to be consumed.

Taking a closer look at the room, there are multiple hoses, high pressure cleaners and other tools mounted on the walls. The grates that my nose ring is chained to are clearly for drainage. Master is turning a pully in the corner of the room which causes a rope to descend. On the end of that rope is a noose. My heart sinks and my breathing increases at the site of it hanging in front of my face. I become acutely aware of how sensitive and fragile my neck feels. Master unchains my nose ring and wraps the noose around my slender neck. I start hyperventilating, in fear of the noose ascending and hanging me at any moment. Master approaches my rear. I hear him putting on disposable gloves. There is a sudden cold sensation on my asshole and I clench insinctively. My master's gloved finger pushes into me and I moan at the penetration. To be entered without any warning is a thrill, he pushes a second finger in and I feel my ass stretching, I can feel him move inside me. My eyes close and I can feel my cunt dripping from the abrupt pleasure. Finally, I feel a third object penetrate my ass. Not a finger, a tube. An enema. Master pushes the cold tube deeper and deeper inside me. I can feel it moving, putting pressure on the walls of my guts. I feel like it can't penetrate further but Master keeps pushing it roughly inside. I'm moaning in pleasure and pain when he finally stops and pulls his fingers out.

Master begins to speak, "I have found that this technique is the most effective in cleansing a specimen's intestinal tract. An enema is well and good but it can take some time for the sow to push out the waste. However, when being hanged by the neck, my livestock will flail and spasm in a panicked and futile attempt to survive, contracting it's abdominal muscles and ejecting the waste in the process. The aim is not to kill the meat, but it does occur sometimes. If the hanging does kill you, I will proceed as normal with the corpse."

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I struggle to process everything I just heard when Master turns a tap and I feel the intense, cold pressure of a white liquid bursting from the enema and filling his meat whore. I scream and moan and flail at the immediate pain of being filled. I can feel my belly swelling and the liquid shooting inside. I can't take any more. I feel as though I'm going to burst open. But Master just fills his pig more and more, paying no heed to the pain it's in. Master's sow now looks like a pregnant bitch, despite not being a breeder. It's only when the white cleansing fluid finds it's way into my stomach and eventually starts dripping out my mouth that Master rotates the lever and the noose snaps taught around the meat's neck, lifting me into the air.

I instantly gag and gasp as the rope digs harshly into my neck. Air can't reach my lungs and oxygen can't reach my brain as asphyxia takes hold. Instinct tells me to reach for the rope but my arms are bound so all I achieve is comical thrashing as my blood shot eyes widen in pure dread. Master roughly rips the enema from my ass and immediately, the white liquid jets out of his sow's convulsing body as the noose has raised to the point where I'm completely suspended in the air. All my weight is on my neck. My head is turning purple and my tongue protrudes from my open mouth as I desperately gasp. Saliva pours onto my naked tits and tears spring from my eyes. My veins bulge where the rope digs into my neck. My vision is beginning to go dark and my thoughts blurr together as pain intensifies in my chest. My contracting pussy starts to spray piss and cum as the cleansing liquid continues to emerge from my ass. The asphyxia and lack of oxygen to my brain causes me to go into a state of euphoria. Stars flare in my vision. I'm literally cumming myself to death. My eyes roll back. My body's violent convulsions turn into sporadic twitches. Everything turns black.

(Spoiler, I didn't die, my story will continue in Part 2)


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