Ford Radio Stereo CD Cassette Player Receiver | (2023)

All items listed in this auction are the sole possession of the Consignor until such time they are declared sold. Southern Trust Estate and Auction Company is the acting agent for the Consignor. Seller has the legal right to remove any or all items from the sale at any time for any reason. All online auctions are conducted under the presumption of 'at reserve' and not 'absolute." Seller has the right to a set minimum acceptable price for sale of item(s). Seller has the right to know the name, address, and phone number of winning bidder. All of these stipulations are set and protected by the state laws within which the property for sale is located. Bidders are legally bound to all terms and conditions as stipulated below once placing bids. Bidder is responsible for his/her own due diligence on any listed item(s) up for bid. Please note that Auction Firm cannot always see defects of items for description purposes. Therefore, it is imperative for all bidders to take time for preview prior to bidding. There are no refunds or returns once item is purchased. No exceptions. ATTENTION: Acceptable payments at this time include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Zelle, Cash, and Wire Transfers for exact amount of invoice only. No other credit cards or e-payment are accepted at this time. Buyers may be required to pay via cash, bank check or wire transfer for any invoice amount over $1,000 including premium and sales tax at the discretion of the auction firm. Please note our company does not keep credit card information on file. We have opted out of requiring our buyers to have a credit card number on file with in order to bid. We have also opted out of automatic charges to credit cards for immediate payment once auction is complete. Therefore, if you are out of state and require shipping, you will have to satisfy means of paying your invoice other than credit card or debit if you do not have Stripe, Paypal or Zelle. A HANDLING FEE IS ADDED TO ALL ITEMS NEEDING SHIPPED! If you do not agree that we have the right to charge labor, fuel, materials, overhead, merchant fees, and sales tax on shipping services to ensure your package is ready for shipping, then please do not bid. Please see item #7 under Shipping Instructions for more details.

Preview Day and Time: One time Preview of items will be set by Firm once sale begins.

Online Auction Day and Time: Bidding starts May 25, 2023, 6 am EST. Lots will close every 30 seconds starting with Lot 1 at 7pm on June 6th, 2023. Individual closing will be extended 5 minutes when a new bid comes in within 5 minutes of lot closing. Auction firm reserves the right to extend the bidding dates if needed due to weather conditions.

(Video) Ford stereo test before removal 2007 Radio Cassette, 2040 Cd Player and Amp Escort Cosworth etc.

Pick Up Day and Time: Thursday andFriday June 8th and9th from 10am to 5pm and Saturday June10th from10am until 2pm

Address of Sale: Hendersonville, NC. You will receive exact pick-up location on your invoice after the auction ends. If you would like your items shipped, you must contact us immediately through an email or phone call. See shipping instructions below.

Shipping Instructions: READ!! Please call prior to bidding if you wish to have items shipped.

(Video) Ford Visteon CD-6 car radio with AM Stereo, RDS & reverb

Before bidding please be aware that our shipping charges begin at $10 and go up from there based on weight, packing materials needed for safe transport, insurance, recipient's location, and handling fees.

Following are the steps that you can expect as a shipping client:

1) Invoice for the item(s) must be paid in full prior to the purchase being removed from the
auction site. This invoice will not include the shipping charge.
2) Your purchase will be collected and taken to the auction warehouse where it will be
queued for shipping.
3) Once your purchase has been properly queued, our staff will begin the process of
weighing, boxing, and labeling your package.
4) You will receive an invoice for shipping informing you of the amount of your package. A HANDLING FEE IS ADDED! If you do not agree that we have the right to charge labor, fuel, materials, overhead, merchant fees, and sales tax on shipping services to ensure your package is ready for shipping, then please do not bid. Please see item #7 in this paragraph below.
5) The process usually takes 10 to 14 business days from last day of sale date to complete,
so please be patient. We have several items we process daily, and all items are
packaged in the order of queuing date.
6) If the item(s) you purchased was tagged as a third-party shipping purchase only, your
item(s) will be transferred to the local UPS Store or a shipper of your choice located
within the 28792 area code. It is your responsibility to set up shipping arrangements.
7) You will receive email notification of your shipping estimate. Once the invoice is paid,
you can expect your package to be shipped within a day or two of payment. You will get
an email notification along with a tracking number once the package is enroute.
Please note: You are agreeing to hire our company to handle, pack, and ship your items. We
charge a handling fee just as any other packaging company would do to adequately wrap, box,
weigh, and place postage. If you reject the amount we estimate for shipping, your items will
immediately be forwarded to the local UPS Store at which time you will be given the phone
number and contact name of your new shipping agent. Our responsibility for your purchase
ends at that time.
Handling fees are determined by time, size, weight, need for double boxing, and/or insurance
fees (requested by Buyer). Shipping costs are determined by the window fees set forth by

Any item remaining on premises after 48 hours of auction will be removed by Auction Firm at the expense of the Bidder. Absolutely no refunds on items purchased at auction or abandoned by Bidder. Items abandoned by Bidder will constitute a forfeiture of your purchased item(s). Abandonment will be determined by either the failure to pay invoice within allotted time or pick up by Bidder or shipper within 72 hours of auction’s end.

(Video) Ford Radio Cassette CD Player Test

Payment Instructions: All winning Bidders will be invoiced after all auction lots have ended. Bidder is responsible for following all printed instructions on making payment to ensure that the item(s) purchased are not considered abandoned. Payments are to be made via a secured Paypal account. Alternative payment methods must be communicated to the Auction Firm prior to bidding on any items and confirmed by Auction Firm prior to end of auction. Buyers may be required to pay via cash, bank check or wire transfer for any invoice amount over $1,000 including premium and sales tax. at the discretion of the auction firm. Invoice must be paid in full within 24 hours of closing of last lot in auction.. NOTE: Our merchant account does not allow for American Express processing.

(Video) Add BLUETOOTH to Car CD Player Stereo | Vintage OEM Radio Mod

Warranties or Guarantees: All items are sold as-is, where-is without guarantees of any kind. Auction Firm nor Seller makes any warranties or representations of any kind as to condition, function, authenticity, or description. Bidder is responsible for all due diligence. Absolutely no returns. Furthermore, Auction Firm is not liable for any omissions or mistakes in description of items for sale. Bidder is strongly encouraged to view all photographs, visit location on day of preview, or contact Auction Firm for any clarifications on items desired for purchase.

Buyer Premium: A 15% premium is added to the final winning bid amount.

Third Party Platform: Auction Firm uses a third party online auction platform and is not responsible for equipment failures, software malfunctions, or accuracy of bid postings. Please contact Auction Firm if there are any issues.

(Video) How to Change a Car Stereo

Bidder Obligations: All Bidders are 1) Legally bound to the terms and conditions of the sale once posting Bids; 2) Responsible for all due diligence and shipping requirements; 3) Pay items in full and take possession of items within the required time frame; 4) Provide Auction Firm with accurate and truthful information as to payment methods, emails, name, and contact information; 5) Agree to emails being added to our mailing list for future advertisement of sales or contact for issues that may arise from participating in our sales. All Bidders have right to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time: 6) Agree that Auction Firm has the right to refuse bids, withdraw any item(s) as requested by Seller or determined by condition or function, change descriptions as necessary, group lots or divide lots as needed, create reserves for item(s), or cancel auction for any reason; 7) Bidders agree that he/she may be banned from participating from future sales, either online or live, for failure to pay invoices, pick up items purchased, participating in fraudulent activities, or providing false information.

Failure to Pay: A bidder becomes legally bound to pay for items won at auction. If bidder refuses or fails to pay, Seller has the legal right to re-sell items and pursue original bidder for any difference in loss from the second sale plus any additional costs incurred in having to have those items resold including auction and advertising fees. We encourage our bidders to pay for items won, but we also encourage our Sellers to pursue any damages from losses due to failure to pay. Additionally, bidders who fail to pay will be blocked from our future auctions and will be added to other major online auction platforms as a 'refusal to pay' bidder.

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(Video) How to input radio code on Ford radios


How do I reset my car stereo CD player? ›

Most car audio systems have a reset feature of sorts for their CD drive. Start by turning your car on, and then turning it off. With the car off, hold the stereo power button and the eject button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

Why wont my car stereo play CDS? ›

Verify the disc is inserted into the CD player properly. The disc may eject if inserted upside down. Press the RESET button on the front of the car stereo. Try a couple of different discs just to make sure there is not a problem with the disc that you are trying to play.

Do I need a receiver for my CD player? ›

Description. This CD player requires connection to a device that amplifies the signal, such as a stereo receiver or home theater receiver. It cannot power external speakers. The CD player has stereo analog left & right audio outputs and optical digital output.

How do I reset my radio manually? ›

Turn your car on, but do not start the engine. Turn the radio off. Hold the radio power button down for a few minutes until it resets.

Why is my CD player not reading my CDs? ›

Most of the times, dust or finger marks on the lens causes CD players not reading discs properly or playing it at all. The second thing to check up is the CD tray compartment, especially if your CD Player is old.

How do you troubleshoot a car CD player? ›

How to troubleshoot CD issues with the car stereo.
  1. Play different discs to see if the issue occurs with all CDs or just a few. ...
  2. Examine the CD for any fingerprints or smudges, and clean if necessary.
  3. Check all wires to verify a good connection.
  4. Perform a reset on the unit.

Why is my audio CD not reading? ›

A dirty or scratched disc surface is the most common reason for a CD/DVD issue when inserted into a computer. Check the disc for damage and confirm that the disc is compatible with your computer. Clean the disc and check for damage: Clean any dust or smudges from the disc with filtered water and a lint free cloth.

Can you connect a CD player directly to an amplifier? ›

Just about any CD player will work with almost any amplifier – at least in electrical terms. Most players' analogue outputs deliver around 2V, give or take a few microvolts, and that's just what the amp's line inputs expect to receive.

What do you need for a CD player setup? ›

So, if you're hooking up a CD player, you'll plug your audio cables into the “CD” input on your receiver. Plug in the audio cable into the CD player's audio output (top picture) and then plug the other end into the stereo receiver's CD audio input (bottom picture).

Why wont my CD player read? ›

Clean your discs – Grime and dirt can make it hard for the drive laser to read small groves located on your disc. If the disc is dirty, you can try cleaning it with filter water and a clean cloth; or better yet, a specialized disc cleaning solution and cloth can be purchased in most electronic stores.


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