Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (2023)

A Brief Guide to help the Professional Tradesman Select the Best HSS Tap and Die Set!

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For the professional machinist, metal fabricator, millwright, or mechanic who cuts threads on a regular basis only the best HSS Tap and Die Set will do.

Most sets include tooling that is made from sometimes questionable grades of high carbon steel. While these threading tools work OK if they are machined to Class “2” tolerances and correctly heat treated. Unfortunately they won’t last long under production conditions. For high usage or production conditions a set made from HSS is the only way to go.

Finding a good quality HSS set can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. To make the task even more frustrating, many tool manufactures don’t provide the important specs and other important information you should know without digging for it.

My Background!

As a journeyman toolmaker I have purchased and used many brands and types of metal cutting tools over the years. Most of them I still have and use regularly in my home-based machine shop where I do machining and tool work for various industries.

This close-up familiarity with HSS Taps and Dies gives me a unique perspective when it comes to selecting tools.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the information you should have to select the best HSS tap and die set for your particular needs.

What are the Best HSS Tap and Die Sets?


Any of the three HSS Tap and Die Sets recommended below will produce good-fitting Class “B” internal and external threads when used correctly. Each one has a different variety and range thread tool sizes and accessories as well as different price points. In my professional opinion, these are the three best HSS tap and dies sets for professional use in my opinion.


Vermont American HSS 58 Piece Tap and Die Set

Set Includes:

Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (1)

  • Tap and Dies Sizes: NC, NF – 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 10-24, 12-24, 1/4-20, 1/4-28, 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 3/8-16, 3/8-24, 7/16-14, 7/16-20, 1/2-13, 1/2-20, 9/16-12, 9/16-18, 5/8-11, 5/8-18, 3/4-10, 3/4-16 , (NPT 1/8-27, 1/4-18 pipe sizes)
  • (3) Tap Wrenches: (1) T-Handle, (2) Adjustable
  • (2) Die Stocks: (1) Small size, and (1) Large size
  • (5) Sizes #1 – #5 Screw Extractors
  • 1 U.S. (SAE) Thread Gauge
  • Wooden Storage Case


Vermont American is a familiar name to those of us who have been in the metal working trade for a while. This set is genuine American Made to high standards and tight tolerances to ensure proper fitting threads.

The Vermont American 58 Piece Set contains (21) Taps and (21) Dies covering both NF (National Fine) and NC (National Coarse) American Screw Thread sizes #6 thru #12, Fractional NF and NC sizes ¼” thru ¾”, plus (2) NPT Pipe sizes NPT – 1/8-27, 1/4-18.

Each tap and die is made from HSS (High Speed Steel) and is finish ground. Black Oxide is used to inhibit rust and tarnishing plus improve chip flow.

The Dies are solid HEX style for greater torque application and better control. Each of the taps are PLUG Style with 3 to 5 beveled threads for easier starting and less turning effort.

The Vermont American 96502 58-Piece High-Speed Steel Tap and Die Set is distributed under the familiar BOSCH Tool name.

This is a fine set of tools that has all the important features for the demanding tradesman to cut exacting internal and external threads. A beautiful, well-made wooden storage case segregates each tool.

The Vermont American 96502 is one of the best USA made HSS Tap and Die Sets for machine shops, high volume auto repair garages, commercial HVAC, mill wright, sheet metal shop, or other mechanical shops where threading is a common operation.

Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (2)


TEKTON 7560 HSS Tap and Die Set, 45-Piece (SAE or METRIC)

Set Includes:

Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (3)

  • (1) ¼” T-handle Tap Wrench: Holds small tap sizes up to ¼” square drive
  • (1) ¼” to 1” T-handle Tap Wrench: Holds tap sizes from ¼” square drive up to 1”
  • (1) 2” T-handle Die Stock
  • (1) 1-1/2” Die Stock Adapter: Enables smaller 1-1/2” diameter dies to be used in 2” dia. Die Stock
  • (1) Screwdriver: Use to secure dies in stock
  • SAE (Inch) Set ONLY (20) Plug Tap and Split Die Sizes: Coarse threads (NC): ¼”-20, 5/16”-18, 3/8”-16, 7/16”-14, ½”-13, 9/16”-12, 5/8”-11, ¾”-10, 7/8”-9, 1”-8
    Fine threads (NF): ¼”-28, 5/16”-24, 3/8”-24, 7/16”-20, ½”-20, 9/16”-18, 5/8”-18, ¾”-16, 7/8”-14, 1”-14
  • Metric Set ONLY (20) Plug Tap and Split Die Sizes: Coarse Threads: 6m x 1.0, 8 m x 1.25, 10m x 1.5, 12m x 1.75, 14m x 2.0, 16m x 2.0, 18m x 2.5, 20m x 2.5, 22m x 2.5, 24m x 3.0
    Fine Threads: 6m x 0.75, 8m x 1.0, 10m x 1.25, 12m x 1.5, 14m x 1.5, 16m x 1.5, 18m x 1.5, 20m x 1.5, 22m x 1.5, 24m x 1.5
  • Plastic Blow Molded Storage Case


TEKTON has become a familiar name among craftsman who demand quality tools at prices that make sense. The TEKTON 7560 HSS Tap and Die Set is available in both SAE (Inch) or Metric sizes. Each tap and die is crafted from close grain tungsten alloy High Speed Steel to close tolerances. You can expect long life with these tools when used for industrial applications.

Each Tap and Die is PLUG-style to make starting easier and to reduce the necessary torque to cut clean sharp threads. Each Tap has 2 flutes on the smaller sizes and 4 flutes on the larger sizes to create multiple cutting edges that make threading easier. The Dies are SPLIT to enable slight adjustment for initial and finish cuts.

Use this tap and die set for creating new threads in most metals including non-ferrous, cast iron, mild steel, Stainless, and most tool steels. As with any metal cutting make sure to use a quality grade of Cutting Oil such as Forney 20857 Tap Magic Industrial Pro Cutting Fluid which is what I use for all my thread cutting. It is simply the best tapping fluid available!

You can also use these thread-cutting tools can also be used to clean-up lightly damaged threads.

The TEKTON 7560 HSS Tap and Die Set is ideal for the machinist, toolmaker, maintenance person, commercial HVAC installations, sheet metal worker, metal fabricator, mill wright, and high volume auto repair garage.

In my opinion, you will not find a better quality or more complete HSS tap and die set close to the current price point! You can choose either SAE and METRIC sizes at check out.

Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (4)


TTC 60 Piece High Speed Steel Tap & Die Set

Set Includes:Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (5)
  • Adjustable die stock
  • Adjustable handle tap wrench
  • T-Handle tap wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • (2) Screw pitch gauges
  • Plastic case
  • (1) each of National Coarse Tap and Die sizes: #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, #10-24, #12-24, 1/4″-20, 5/16″-18, 3/8″-16, 7/16″-14 & 1/2″-13
  • (1) each of National Fine Tap and Die sizes: #10-32, 1/4″-28, 5/16″-24, 3/8″-24, 7/16″-20 & 1/2″-20
  • (1) each of Metric Tap and Die sizes: M3 x .50, M4 x .70, M5 x .80, M6 x 1.00, M7 x 1.00, M8 x 1.25, M9 x 1.25, M10 x 1.50, M10 x 1.0 & M12 x 1.75
  • 1/8″-27 NPT Tap and Die


The TTC 60 Piece High Speed Steel Tap & Die Set Model TDS-9560 is a budget-priced tool package with quality made tooling. Each tap and die is machined from HSS (High Speed Steel) to close tolerances and will cut internal and external threads to SAE specifications. The taps in this set are PLUG Type and each Die is Solid Round.

Don’t let the low price fool you, this set will cut a thread just as well as with a set costing two times as much. The accessories are decent although not as good as you will find in the more expensive sets.

The TTC 60 Piece High Speed Steel Tap & Die Set is ideal for someone starting up a machine shop on a shoe string budget. It is also a good fit for a home workshop, maintenance and service persons, auto and mechanical garage, commercial HVAC installation, hobbyist or anyone who wants the higher level of performance high speed steel tooling delivers. NOTE: Also available in

Best HSS Tap and Die Set for the Professional * by the Pro who Knows! (6)

Why Choose HSS Taps and Dies?

For occasional hand tapping and thread cutting such as in a small auto garage or home workshop taps and dies made from Moly High Carbon Steel will work just fine. But in a production environment such as a machine shop, HSS (High Speed Steel) is necessary to withstand the extra wear and higher temperatures.

As a tool and die maker most of the threading I have done has been with a milling machine, lathe, or drill press. Power threading generates much more heat than with hand threading and high carbon steel tools just won’t maintain a sharp cutting edge for long under those conditions.

Unless you plan on using your taps and dies for production or machine-powered applications, Moly High Carbon Steel tools will do the job and cost considerably less than HSS tooling.

High Speed Steel VS High Carbon Steel

There tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to High Speed Steel vs High Carbon Steel as it applies to taps and dies. The assumption is that high carbon steel is inferior to high speed steel which just isn’t the case.

Many tool manufactures, both domestic and foreign, make taps and dies from both alloys. While High Speed Steel (HSS) is a specific alloy designated as M2 by the AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) the name High Carbon Steel applies to any alloy with a carbon content of between 0.55 percent and 0.95 percent. Any percentage over 2.0% is considered an impurity and the alloy becomes what is loosely called cast iron.

High Carbon Steel Applications

Various grades of High Carbon Steel such as AISI designations 0-1 or D-2 are commonly used to build high production piercing, stamping, and blanking dies and other production tooling. These alloys can be heat treated and tempered to as high as 65 Rc which is just as hard as High Speed Steel. High Carbon steel is extremely strong and has excellent wear characteristics also.

The main difference between High Speed Steel vs High Carbon Steel is that HSS has the capability of maintaining its hardness in machining applications where the tool can become quite hot. If the heat exceeds the draw temperature the hardness of the steel decreases and the sharp cutting edge begins to dull increasing the heat even more to the point of failure.

High Carbon Steel begins to draw down when it reaches approximately 815° f. while High Speed Steel can maintain its hardness up to about 2100° f. As a point of reference, when steel reaches 900 degrees f. it begins to glow red. At approximately 2500 degrees it becomes white hot.

HSS Applications

Machining tooling such as end mills, lathe bits, drill bits, reamers, countersinks, etc. are the most common applications for HSS.

Taps and dies that are often used in machining applications High Speed Steel is the best material to use. However, the majority of threading with taps and dies is done by hand and almost no heat is generated that can damage the cutting edges. The wear characteristics of a good grade of high carbon steel is similar to that of HSS and will maintain a sharp edge when turned by hand.

Unless you intend to use your tap and die set in a machine shop environment a set made from High Carbon Steel will do the job just as well as HSS and last just as long.

What to Look for in a HSS Tap and Die Set

A quality set of tools represents an investment. Quite often, a significant investment that could enhance your ability to do your job and make a living. Here are some things I believe you should consider when selecting a set of HSS taps and dies.

  • Thread Sizes and Series: The most obvious thing to look for when choosing a tool set of taps and dies is to make sure it contains the thread sizes and series you expect to use the most. Some sets are put together with SAE only or Metric only while some contain both series.
  • Tap Type: Examine the tool kit to determine if it comes with Plug taps which are the ones most commonly used or if it includes Bottoming taps for threading shallow blind holes.
  • Round vs Hex Dies: There are two different styles of threading dies: Round and Hex. For the smaller size threads, round dies work just fine. But for the larger sizes I prefer the HEX design because of the higher torque necessary to turn them into the metal.
  • Solid vs Split Dies: Some sets come with solid dies which work fine for most applications. If used correctly they will produce good threads. SPLIT dies give you the option to adjust the die to cut slightly over-sized or undersized threads for certain applications. Often times I have adjusted a split die to cut oversize for a rough cut and then relax it to do a finish cut which produces a cleaner thread.Obviously, split dies require additional operations to produce and therefore cost more than the solid style.
  • Coatings: Metal coatings have advanced considerably over the last 3 decades. The old familiar Black Oxide finish is still used today for metal cutting tools and does a good job of improving rust resistance but does nothing to improve cutting performance. Titanium Nitride coating is by far the most popular general purpose coating used for metal cutting tools. Characterized by its familiar gold color, it increases the effective hardness of the tool from 60 to 81 RC. It reduces the metals frictional coefficient to 65 while measuring only a measly 2 to 4 microns thick. These characteristics result in a cutting tool that withstands high usage while maintaining a sharp cutting edge and reduces the amount of torque to turn the tap or die. In my opinion, a TiN coating is worth the slight extra cost for any tool. Its benefits are most realized with taps which generally receive much more use than dies. I own dozens of both that are non-coated and they still work just fine after decades of use.
  • Accessories: A set should include a quality set of tap wrenches and die stocks. Some sets include screw/stud extractors and thread gauges which are very helpful.
  • Domestic VS Foreign Made: Personally, I prefer to purchase products produced here, in the good old US of A. Some of the best tools available are made right here at home. However I have also purchased foreign-made when it made the most sense for my situation. Unfortunately, high taxes, wages, and regulations tend to drive up the cost of domestically manufactured products making them un-affordable to many.Because of the lack of government wage regulations and other factors tools produced in other countries are much less expensive. Just because a product is foreign-made doesn’t mean it is inferior. Just take a look at that communication device you carry around everywhere you go. Non-domestic manufactures can make products to any specifications US manufactures can using the same materials. It is true that foreign-manufactured products create competition for domestic companies, but keep in mind, those significantly less-expensive tools have enabled many individuals to start small business here at home and earn a living.


What is the difference between carbon steel and high speed steel tap and die? ›

HSS taps will stay sharp a -lot- longer than carbon and do not break as easily. Carbon-steel taps are soft by comparison, they dull quickly. The bottom line is: HSS cost more, cut faster, stay sharper longer and last a long time.

What is the best thread tap material? ›

High-speed steel (HSS) has remained a popular tap material for decades because it can maintain its integrity while threading, despite high temperatures and vibration. Various types of high-speed steel exist, but the main "ingredients" include high carbon tool steel, tungsten, chromium, vanadium, and iron.

What are the 3 types of taps in a set? ›

So what are the types of taps? There are 3 main taps you should be familiar with and they are: Taper, Plug, and Bottoming tap. The taper tap can be identified by the visible and pronounced tapering of the cutting edges.

Which is best quality tap? ›

Top Water Tap Brands in India
  1. Kohler India. Manufacturing firm Kohler India was established in India in 1873 by American entrepreneur John Michael Kohler. ...
  2. Jaquar. Jaquar is the industry standard in India when it comes to bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware. ...
  3. Roca. ...
  4. Cera India. ...
  5. Hindware. ...
  6. Johnson & Johnson India. ...
  7. TOTO. ...
  8. Delta.
Dec 12, 2022

Which company taps are good? ›

Jaquar is one of the most-renowned faucets manufacturer brands in India. The brand has almost 50% market share in the faucets market. Some of the Jaquar faucets are available with up to 10 years of warranty. The Indian faucets manufacturing brand, Cavier is known for crafting OEM products in the country.

Which is better HSS or carbide? ›

As mentioned earlier HSS has superior toughness over carbide, in the tapping process this really is most important.

Is high carbon steel better than titanium? ›

Generally, titanium has better corrosion and temperature resistance. Steel can, under perfect conditions, perform better than titanium but it is susceptible to corrosion. Despite offering more strength per unit, titanium has a lower tensile yield strength compared to steel.

Is HSS better than carbon steel? ›

It is superior to the older high-carbon steel tools used extensively through the 1940s in that it can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness). This property allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel, hence the name high-speed steel.

Which threads are the strongest? ›

With a high strength to weight ratio, nylon is one of the strongest threads available, making it a great choice for stitching upholstery, leather, and vinyl. This bonded 3-ply nylon thread has been specially treated to decrease friction while sewing at high speeds, resulting in smooth stitches.

What is the best tap to use on stainless steel? ›

Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN) is harder and more wear resistant than TiN. It is used on stainless steels, cast iron and aluminum alloys.

What is the most popular thread? ›

Cotton thread is the most popular, and made from cotton fibres. It's soft and won't stretch. This thread has a low in lustre but can fade and shrink. High quality cotton threads are made from the long cotton fibres, these tend to be stronger and less likely to fray in your machine.

Which taps last longest? ›

Which tap is most likely going to last the longest. The best tap that have proven to last the longest are good old fashion taps such as the victorian or sometimes good old basic british standard taps.

What does the G stand for on a tap? ›

3A screw in a 3B nut or internal threaded hole, used where tolerance limits are close. GH Numbers. GH Numbers are listed below. "G" designates Ground Thread. "H" designates the pitch diameter is on high side of basic.

What is the best tap for through holes? ›

Spiral-point tap: Like the hand tap, this tap also has straight flutes, but with a lefthanded spiral sheer at the point that cuts off the chips and shoots in forward in front of the thread being produced. It's the strongest chip-cutting tap, and should be used in through-holes only.

What faucet brand do plumbers recommend? ›

The best brands according to plumbers are Moen, Delta, and Kohler. Plumbers prefer these brands due to their quality, their reliability, and their availability.

Which type of tap is most commonly used? ›

Taper Taps are the most common types of taps and are typically what you'll have in a Tap and Die Set.

Are more expensive taps better? ›

Cheaper tapware will pit, fade and show water marks very quickly, and you only have a limited number of finishes. More expensive high-end taps are available in a much larger range of finishes, including rose gold, unlacquered brass, brushed bronze and copper, all finishes that get better with age, not worse.

Which sink tap is best? ›

Because stainless-steel taps have a smooth finish, they are easy to clean and do not harbour as many bacteria as conventional kitchen taps. It is also affordable to purchase stainless-steel taps at low prices.

What tap washers do plumbers use? ›

Fibre Tap Washers

Widely used in many areas of plumbing, fibre washers tend to be somewhat easier to compress than rubber or nylon versions. This can mean that they are at less immediate physical risk of damage from over-tightening, potentially leading to a longer lifespan depending on the tap type and how it's used.

Which taps are best for hard water? ›

Brass and stainless steel are the two highest-quality materials used to make their faucets, fixtures, and fittings. Buildings and facilities in hard-water locations are best suited for these faucets. In general, it is better to utilize taps made of brass and stainless steel.

Why do I keep breaking taps? ›

The most common reason why taps break is because they become bound up in their own chips, which can't happen with a form tap. Form taps also have a greater cross section, so the taps themselves are stronger than cutting taps.

Should you seal around taps? ›

Remember to allow for the connection fitting between the tap and the new/existing pipe before you cut. When using connectors it is sometimes a good idea to use a rubber sealant or even a special glue to keep the joint secure.

How long should you run taps for? ›

The agency recommends running the cold water tap for between 15 and 30 seconds to flush out the pipes of any faucet that hasn't been used for more than six hours.


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